We MEASURE and SHAPE public opinion.

Now Offering Expanded National Coverage of DIGITAL & STREAMING ADS!

With more than 30 years of experience of polling, we've learned a thing or two about how to SHAPE public opinion as well. So, five years ago we've began working with the nation's top political experts in digital and streaming technolgies to develop the best and most affordable national digital ad/streaming platform possible for Target Insyght clients. Watch the video below for an overview.

“As a pollster, I've seen what digital and streaming ads can do for a campaign. Frankly, it's the most efficient way to both brand a campaign and tell your story.”

Ed Sarpolus

Executive Director

Target Insyght

Target-Insyght: An Overview

Target-Insyght is a strategic consulting, public opinion, digital advertising and marketing research firm created to offer its clients a full spectrum of professional capabilities.

Strategic Consulting and Image Management

We've seen political trends come and go...and come back again. We'll help guide you through the political minefield with sage advice and cutting-edge knowledge.

Opinion Polls

Knowledge is power, and our best-in-class public opinion polls will provide insights to develop a winning strategy.

Digital/streaming advertising

When you've spent a long career MEASURING public opinion, you know a thing or two about SHAPING it as well. Our turnkey digital ad program provides the most cost-effective political communications possible.

Actionable Focus Group Research

While polling provides excellent insights, a focus group helps to break down the findings into granular, actionable tasks.

Community, Media and Public Relations

We understand the value of earned media, and can also help you avoid the pitfalls of a strong PR program that doesn't follow campaign themes.

Campaign Consulting, Issues Management and Ballot Initiatives

With 30+ years of experience, Target Insyght is a one-stop shop designed to help you stretch budgets and gain attention. Give us a call!

Meet our Executive Director

Ed Sarpolus

Strategist, entreprenurial thinker, pollster, market researcher

Ed Sarpolus, founder and executive director of Target-Insyght, is recognized as one of Michigan’s most notable pollsters, analysts and strategists. A Google search for “Ed Sarpolus” reveals hundreds of articles and videos in which his insights are sought and his opinions appreciated for their accuracy and candor. Ed is a frequent and welcome guest on numerous statewide news and political radio and television programs.

Ed is a strategist, entrepreneurial thinker and deal-maker who has had great success crafting and implementing strategies to influence legislation, political action, and public policy discussions in Michigan and throughout the U.S., and for several clients in Europe and the Pacific Rim.

With more than 30 years of experience in market research and issue advocacy on a range of topics, including corporate competitiveness, education, and healthcare, Ed is a fixture in political, business and media circles around the state.

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