Welcome to Target-Insyght

We're here to achieve your goals.

Target-Insyght strives to provide our clients with clear, concise and transparent service, including actionable recommendations, reports and consultation.

For those clients who come to us for Strategic Consulting, for example, we always look to answer the questions “Why?” and “What does this mean?” in order to apply the answers to those questions to our clients’ issues, needs and research.

We pride ourselves on delivering pro-active Communication, PR and Issues Management consultation and execution, leveraging our combined experience to put our clients ahead of the curve. Those efforts result in our clients achieving increased credibility and respect, allowing them to move beyond the “clutter” and “noise” of the public discourse and position their needs front and center.

Want to learn more? Contact us at info@target-insyght.com. Or call me at 517.927.9776.

Ed Sarpolus, Executive Director


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